Sunday, March 04, 2007


In this post I will talk about some important factors regarding terrorism such as tactics, cover, preparation, and others which I found this info on
Tactics of terrorism:
Terrorist group usually attack with poison, explosives and weapons of massive destruction with a target that is to maximize fear and publicity. They try to cause a great amount of damage and kill as many people as possible.
The preparation of attacks depends on the kind of attack. If the attack is big it will take years but if it isn’t so big its preparation could be spontaneous. However all preparation is kept in secret and only a few people are aware of it.
There are 2 ways terrorist cover themselves. One of them is to act as normal people and try to have no contact with the police. Another way terrorist cover themselves is that they dress up and change their appearance so police never find them. Hiding their trying identity is very important.
Terrorist have many ways to get funds. Some of them are kidnapping, drug trafficking or robbery. Some time the terrorist get money of the family if the family is rich.
The amount of training depends on the difficulty of the attack and of the level of help available from other terrorists and organizations. The terrorist normally get their training on their own training camps. However if the terrorist will use a plain as a missile, they need to learn how to fly an airplane, and this type of training might be available in public facilities.
Normally what terrorist learn on their training camps is; physical fitness, combat or martial arts, firearms, explosives, intelligence/counterintelligence, and field craft. Sometimes terrorist take more specialized trainings such as language, cultural familiarization, communications, and surveillance techniques.
Communication has become easier for the terrorist because of modern technology which has been developed during the last 15 years. Right now terrorist can communicate all around the world by E-mails, fax transmissions, websites, cell phones, and satellite telephones. Technology has help terrorist to communicate but it has also helped police because to use it against them. For example, scientists have invented some equipment that can localize where a specific cell phone and catch the terrorist that has being using it.
I think this article is very important because it can help the governments around the world to understand terrorism and use this information to prevent it. My country Colombia has being attacked by terrorist groups many times, so we have to take terrorist groups seriously.
This week I learned about terrorism tactics, such as preparation, cover, training, communication, and funding. I still want to learn about: Known terrorist such as: Pablo Escobar (A very known terrorist that is dead and was very bad for Colombia), Hitler, and many others that are important for many bad reasons. I will also like to study the effects of terrorism on people, and what places are most likely to be attacked by terrorist. It will also be interesting to analyze the main causes for people to become a terrorist and also to know what do people feel when the terrorism attack is happening or what do the people that are going to suicide for the attack feels.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Last week I mentioned that I wanted to learn about Osama Bin Laden and I did. I found information about him on that was very interesting so I decided to right my post about it.

I learned many things about Osama Bin Laden and I will like to share them with you in this post.

I learned that Osama Bin Laden was born on March 10, 1957 out of a wealthy and big family. He is a Saudi Arabian militant Islamist; he is also founder of al-Qaeda that is the way that the International Alliance of Militant Sunni is called. Osama Bin Laden is on the list of the ten most wanted people of the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is strange that at the beginning he was a United States ally during the Russian and Afghanistan war.

Osama Bin Laden is famous because of a terrorist attack he made to the United States of America known as nine eleven because it was on September 11. He attacked the pentagon and destroyed the twin towers.

The method he used to do this attack was hacking the airplanes. Hacking is when people make terrorist attacks by controlling boats, plains, and buses from a computer. Most of the time hackers use the thing they are controlling as a weapon and this is what Osama Bin Laden did. He controlled United Airlines Flight 93, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77, and he threw them to important places like the twin towers.

I think that Osama Bin laden ruined his life because he has to live hidden in very strange and uncomfortable places, always knowing that many people are very mad with him. For example in Colombia there is a song that talks about him and it says many bad things about him and makes fun of him. Another way he ruined his life is that, if United States of America find him, they will punish him and could even sentence him with death penalty. I don’t think he could ever live a normal live again, he would be unhappy forever.

Another thing is that Osama should have been careful enough to hide his terrorist actions. But due to religious factors he told the world he was the author of the attacks. So today everyone knows he is guilty and are doing efforts to bring him to justice.

Now that I have learned a lot about Osama Bin Laden, I will like to study other known terrorist such as: Pablo Escobar (A very known terrorist that is dead and was very bad for Colombia), Hitler, and many others that are important for many bad reasons. I will also like to study the effects of terrorism on people, and what places are most likely to be attacked by terrorist. It will also be interesting to analyze the main causes for people becoming terrorist and I also want to know what do people feel when the terrorism attack is happening or what do the people that are going to suicide for the attack feels.The last thing I want to learn is terrorism tactics because it will be help full in my proyect.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Do Terrorist Attack

This week I found one of the things I wanted to learn about terrorism. The thing I wanted to learn was; how terrorist usually attack and the article I found talks about Ways To Make Terrorist Attacks.

There are 7 ways to make terrorist attacks and they are:

1Anthrax= A gas and disease that is naturally occurring. Anthrax can kill many people.
2Bomb and 3car bomb= Bombs are used a lot by terrorists because they can be placed in a lot of places. One of the places where terrorist put bombs a lot are cars. When a terrorist puts a bomb on a car the car is called car bomb.
4 Letter bomb= Letter bomb is a bomb that is inside of a letter or envelope and when the envelope or the letter is opened the bomb explodes immediately.
5Mortar bomb= a mortar bomb is a kind of bomb that is thrown by a metal tube and after it flies a little it is detonated by a timer.
6Sucide bomb= A suicide bomb is very not intelligent to do because the terrorist or a helper of the terrorist needs to suicide. This is because the bomb is inside the clothe of the terrorist, the reason terrorist use this method is that t the person can walk close to the target.
7Hijacking= hacking is when people make terrorist attacks by controlling boats, plains, and buses from a computer. Most of the time hackers use the thing they are controlling as a weapon.

What I think about this article is that there is a very bad way of doing terrorism and is the suicide bomb because is not good to suicide doing some thing bad. Suicide bombs are good for many people an that people are the people that didn’t like that terrorist but those same people don’t like bombs because many innocent people die. An other thing I thing I think about this article is that terrorist have excellent inventions but instead of using it for good things they use it for bad things. For example: hackers could use their abilities for good things and there are many good things they can do with those abilities.

Right know I want to learn the same things I wanted to learn about terrorism the last week except of is how terrorist usually attack. The things are: 1. Important terrorists like Pablo Escobar (A terrorist that is dead and was very bad for Colombia), Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, and many others that are important for many reasons.2. The effects of terrorism on people, and the most affected people by terrorism3. The places that are most attacked by terrorist, like airports but I want to learn other places that are also attacked a lot by terrorist.4. Other 2 things that I want to learn is what is the main cause of people becoming terrorist s and I also want to know what do people feel when the terrorism attack is happening or what do the people that are going to suicide for the attack feels.

Friday, February 09, 2007


When I was looking for information about terrorism on Internet I found an article called Can we stop terrorism? On CBBC. I chose to make a post about this article because it is interesting and it is a very important for many things for the entire world.

The article showed information of how to stop terrorism in very difficult steps. There are 4 steps and they can take a long of time to be accomplished.

One of the steps was to kill or arrest all of the people that help the terrorists. After there are no more or not so many helpers of the terrorist the terrorist will be wicker, and it will be easier to prevent terrorist attacks.

There is also another step that is to capture the terrorist themselves. This step is not easy because the terrorist are used to hide and look as normal people. An example is Osama Bin Laden who has being hidden in Afghanistan for a long time. He might even be hiding in some other place such as Pakistan.

Another of the steps was to prevent terrorist attacks by putting together higher security standards on places like airports and other crowded places which in the past have being targets of terrorist groups. For example, if there has being better security on the airport where the airplane that hit the twin towers departed, this attack could be prevented.

The last step that is needed to stop terrorism is to maintain terrorist away from politics. If terrorists become involved in politics it will be like if they had won everyone. If a terrorist influences the politics of a country they have lots of power to do an attack.

I think that following these steps is a good way to stop terrorism, but it will take too much time. Since this is a long process, new terrorists will appear as old ones are captured. The step where police need to arrest all the people that help the terrorist will take more then ten years because probably there are a lot of people that help the terrorist. On the step of putting more security on places that can be easily attacked will take like 5 years, finding the terrorist will also take about 1 – 15 years depending of the terrorist.

Right know I want to learn more things about terrorism. I want to learn about important terrorists like Pablo Escobar (A terrorist that is dead and was very bad for Colombia), Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, and many others. Another thing I want to learn of is the effects of terrorism on people, and the most affected people by terrorism. I also want to learn more about the places that are most attacked by terrorist, I know that airports are one but I want to learn other ones. Other 2 things that I want to learn is what is the main cause of people becoming terrorist s and I also want to know what do people feel when the terrorism attack is happening or what do the people that are going to suicide for the attack feels. The last thing I want to learn is how terrorist usually attack.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Responce to TLW

In the Teen Life Project WIKI (Anna / Mr. Fisher's class) asked: Do you have any special places where you and your friends can go and have fun? And (DanielB/ Mr. Raisdana) said if you do have special places where you and your friends can go and hang out, how often do you go, and how do you feel afterwards? The answers are that we do have a place; it is called “El Campito”. It is a small soccer field that is made of synthetic grass and synthetic sand so it is difficult to cut your self. “El Campito” has some thing cool that is that it has a pizza store and a place to buy sodas, water, Gatorade and junk food so you can drink some thing after you play. We play there a lot that much that we are friends of the manager. We go to “El Campito” all weekends and also in school days. It costs 90 thousand pesos an hour but normally we pay 70 thousand pesos because there is a friend that reserves a lot so he is the one that most has reserved in the place, when he reserves they give us free bags of water after we play. There are also tournaments in there and we won the one that we entered. We won the entrance to an other tournament, a stereo, a ball, and a bid cup. Playing there is very cool!!!In the Teen Life Project

WIKI (Derek/Mr.Fisher's class) asked how far advanced is your technology in your place? The answer is that the technology in Colombia is very good and the things that we don’t have in technology are not necessary. We have many things that are new in technology. We have big plasma TVs, escalators, portable computers, new consoles like ps3 and Nintendo Wii, and in the capital, Bogotá they made a big improvement in technology in bridges. They invented a machine that makes the bridge safety. When I go to the United States the technology is better but still Cartagena has a good technology and the difference is not that much. I don’t know how is the technology in Canada or in Malaysia so I compare it with the technology of the United States, but I hope to know about the technology in Canada or in Malaysia soon.

In the Teen Life Project WIKI (Amber/ Ms. Baber) asked Do you have a big school or do you have a small school? How many kids go to your school?
The answer is that our school is small and it has about 500 students, but the school is going to move to a bigger place that will be huge. We are moving there in about 2 and a half years. The school will have like 12 fields 2 of each sports and maybe they put a pool. The school took the decision to move because there are to many students for the school, but in the classed there is space. I want to move know.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


My name is Andres. I am 13 years old and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. I study at a school called Jorge Washington but everybody calls the school Cojowa.I love soccer; I play it all the time. I play soccer at school, at my house, at the beach, and at the club Cartagena that is a very popular place in Cartagena. There is an other place were we play a lot and that place is my house The last bacations we found a trainer and after every class we went to my house and play soccer, I think we went to my house every day on that vacations.I think that I like soccer so much because it’s what most boys of my age on Cartagena play on weekends and in recess.The life in Cartagena is very fun. This is because it is a small city so every thing is very close. An other thing is that a can go to many places by foot and it will take like maximum 15 minutes.One of the central issues and concerns of my nation is the poor people. Many times me and other persons of my age are related by poor people when there is a man or a women asking for money or for something to eat, there are other times that we are related to the poor people like when we are robed or kidnapped for then asking the parents for money.In other countries this problem isn’t so big. For example in Canada and in the united states this problem isn’t so big. Well not that I know.There are other country’s that this problem is worst like in Afghanistan. It seams that every one on there is poor!!!!! There are other issues like the ozone layer is desapering. This is for me a very big problem, and there are people that don’t help on nothing to keep the ozone layer like it is. For example there are some industries that throw many bad things to the air and that bad things go to the ozone layer and make it despear more.

The last issue I will talk about is terrorism. I need to talk about it because it is almost every were. You never know if you have a terrrist close when yo goin an airplain. There are sme terorist in colombia called LAS FARC and they are in the woods. So when you go to the farm you normaly you need to go wih a bodyguard. It is borrinng to have the min colombia. I hope some day thay give up and come to be normal persons and ike that can go to my farm when ever I want.

I hope this problems are solved some day.

LAS FARC give your wepons!!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A 3 Year Old Was Killed

It happened when he was taking a eastern ride with his family. What happened was that the boy was shot with a straight bullet. The bullet went through the mini van if the boys family.
This happened about 2:00 pm, When two groups of men started arguing at each other. Then one of them got out a gun from his pocket. Then he shoots many times trying to hit the other group of men. This was what the police said about what happened.

The bullet went through the door of the mini van. The bullet hit the little boy at the chest. The boy that was sitting in the back part of the mini van. He was beside other little children who were not harmed by the stray bullet

A man who witness the accident happened tried to revive the boy before a passing car driver got him to the hospital.

The boy was told dead 45 minutes after what occurred.

The police is still looking for the man that shot the boy.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Respond to Maple Street's Monsters.

The message is that every action has a consequence. An example of this message is that Tommy starts the idea of the aliens (action) then Charlie suspects that Tommy is the alien (consequence) In Monsters Are Due on Maple Street there is a message at the end that is that when you are in a group of people all of the people need to control, if not the worst enemy will be themselves.
I think that the way the story showed the message is a good way of showing the message. I also say that that message is a law of life. For example every time you give the homework late and ugly you will get a bad note and when you do a big bad joke to the principal you will always get punished. No, no one can stop it is just part of the life all of us.

If I was to update the story I will do many changes. I wont change what they say, well unless it is for changing things like for example they wont say portable they would say Ipod because I will change the portable for a radio. The changes I will make will be on the materials. Look at the chart and see some of the changes.

_____________________My Changes_________________________

Portable - Ipod

Old car - New car

Old clothe- New clothe

The things that the characters say but with out changing the main idea

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Goals

I have lot of goals for this year. In 2006 I will try to accomplish all my goals. Some of them are to do my best in school, eat well, and do all my home work. If I accomplish all my goals I will do harder goals next year and then harder and harder. Do you have goals for this year?

I have lots of goals to accomplish. I want to be good soccer player for this I need to exercise in the paseo peatonal. I also want do my best in school, do all my home work. If I accomplish these goals I will make new goals for next year. And until I don’t accomplish those goals I would not change the goals.

The goal I most want to accomplish is to do very good at school. To accomplish that goal I will have to do other goals like doing all my homework on time and with out mistakes. If I do that I will learn all the information for the exams and tests. My notes will get up and the goal will be accomplished.

My most important goal of this year to do well at school because is important in my future. If I do well at school then y will have a good job. These goals will lead me to a great future. And then my goals will be harder and harder. But they will get me to better life.

In other words I have to accomplish my goals, do better in school and in sports. Then get harder goals and then harder goals. That way I will get a better life. So I need to get going. Don’t forget set your goals for 2006.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Paint Ball

The fist time I went to play paint ball a had a really good time. It was one
of my best days. I went with my friends. The only thing I didn’t like was I got hurt. We played lots of rounds. We won the most. I got like 200 bullets. But I missed like the 50 percent of them.

That day we played like 5 rounds. Of those we won like 3. The other team said it was not true but my team said it was true. Then the people of the paint ball place said we had won. We were really happy but with purples all around our body. The other team was really mad all the day. That was because they were hurt and they had lost.

The first day I was very bad player. I got 200 paint balls and I just hit persons like with 40. But my friends also were very bad. So we all played the same. That day it was like the shots hurt more. Also that day the gun seemed heaver. The amour was very uncomfortable. But it was steal real cool.

We played the first game to surround the other team. We won because I think we got a better side. I think that capturing the flag is better. When we played capturing the flag it was much better. I captured 3 times the flag. That day they didn’t hit me. It was really cool. The only bad thing is that paint went into my mouth.

A want to tell some advice. If you are going to play paint ball use blue jeans to protect more. Never take the helmet out. Use 2 shirts. Don’t open your mouth. The most important is to sacrifice to win. If you can go to paint ball go, you will fill like in a war and that is really cool.

Friday, October 13, 2006


1Yes, it was horrible. I don’t want to have a holiday like that. It was 2 disgusting, smelly, borring, and exasperating. The first day I went with my father to the beach and we started playing tennis. Then I stepd on a doodoo. That doodoo step 3.made me run to the water, it made me walk in the grass, and it made me kick a wall many times. That day many things hit me in the head like 4.a soccer ball, a rock, and a bird. 5. In Cartagenas beach, I was all burned by the sun. 6. Looking for help, I felt on my back and I was all burned so I it hurt a lot. 7. Then I got into the water, I jump, and run to my house to sleep. 8.Whenever I am in a very horrible holiday, I tell my parents to go home to sleep, that is what I would do in my next holiday like that.

1.I ntroductory yes, no, or interjection
2.Series of modifiersseries
3.series of independent clauses
4.series of objects
5.introductory prepositional phrase
6.introductory participial phrase
7.series of phrases

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I think that msn has bad things and good things too. For example there are people that you don't know that can put you in his msn and do many bad things to your computer and could even rob you. Also if you use it to much it can affect your grades.

In msn there will always be some one to talk with but many times you end using msn when you shouldn’t. For example many times when I finish my home work I talk to people and they are doing their homework. They are scared because it’s late and they are trying to do their homework but keep talking in msn. There are other people that use msn while doing homework but in a helpful way. They only talk when they don't understand some thing and ask other people in msn to explain.

The best way for me is just to put that I am absent. That way people will not talk to me and I do my homework better.

Msn can also me cool, you can talk with your friends and with your family. In the new versions of msn you can send smilies and other things like that. You can play games with others.

Aha and the last thing that I recommend is a really cool new msn version. It is called Windows Live Messenger it has more games, more smilies and many other things. Block all the persons that you don't know.
Block all the persons that you don't know.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


There are many soccer teams that are really good but I like Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, est. But for me Barcelona or also called Barça is the best team in the moment. Maybe not in history because it’s a new team but it still haves history and the 2nd best player in history played in Barça. It has the best player of the world chosen by the FIFA and they have an other player that is called Messi and it is the best young player.

Barça won the last UEFA. The final was vs. Arsenal that is also a very good team. Many people say that the team that they like is better but I always say that why didn’t that team win. Now there is an other WEFA started and Barça is in 2nd place but it will finish 1st because it is a really good team.

Barça the best team ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Whats Like to Have a Blog for Two Weeks and What are your Expectation

Having a blog for two weeks is really cool. My expectations were really different. I thought blogger will only be writing boring things but now I know that we do also know that I can do cool post about things I like I can also put comments to my friends blogs.
In the first week it was really boring. It was just learning the basic things of blogger. One of the things I think is very difficult is when I need to put a link but my teacher all ready teached me an easier way of making links.

The second week its easier because I just need to make it fun and that is fun. I find many other cool blogs one of them is one I make by my self that is about soccer I you want go to my other blog click here. I have a friend that has a blog that is also cool its called luigifut.

I hope you make a blog one day because its use full when you are bored and you don’t have any thing to do and it is really cool.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A New Junior Varcity

I think the junior Varsity of this year isn’t so good even if I am in it. It needs more defenses and more force in the attack. I hope we don’t get last in the binational games or in Albania games. And speaking of me I think I need to study more because I have an F in English and if I don’t get it high I won’t go. If I don’t go they will have to put any bad player they find and the team will be worse. So I will work a lot to get a good grade and help the team. I also want to tell all the other players to work a lot to help the team because they do not know what will happen; the team will be the worst team ever. Please work a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Three Skeleton Key"

I read a story called Three Skeleton Key. It was very cool. The only thing was that it was supposed to be scary and it won’t scare any one. It was more like a suspense story.

I like the part when the rats were in the boat and they were zigzagging as if they were crashing into the light house and then they turn. I like it because it’s like impossible and the men were as if it was not strange. When I think about that, I can’t imagine some rats driving a three mast boat but every thing can happen in stories and in movies, I don’t think I would change that because that’s what makes the stories and movies cool.

I hope you read it. This isn’t one of those boring stories that the teachers or fathers make children read. If you don’t read it you will lose the opportunity to read a great story.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My new blog

A few days ago I made another blog, but it is about soccer. It is really cool it has games and a page of the best team ever "F.C Barcelona". I am still making it but I'm sure it will be super cool when I finish it. I hope I learn to do many things in the page to make it look very good. If you want to see my page, click here. I just want to say, please recommend things for my page.

The Funiest Thing In Soccer History.

When a ball boy's goal was allowed by ref,
I thought it was impossible. A ball boy made a goal and the funniest of all is that that refry accept the goal. What a crazy thing. I am sure that they will punish the ref but this was the only thing they told about the ref.
"It was a very serious mistake and, unfortunately, the punishments will have to be applied for the referee and linesman.
I know you don’t belief me but go to
CBBC and check it out Ball boy's goal is allowed by ref then you will belief me. You will be shocked because of the notice. It’s so funny that I hope it occurs in the world cup and many people will see that it’s not a lie.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Education and technology

Education and technology:
Technology affects a lot in education. it makes easier to write , it helps you to found information, helps you se in the night to do your home work and it can help in many other things. But it has bad things to like a virus can corrupt your work and erase it. It can also have equipment problems, and there are many technology objects that can distract you when you are studying. So it also is bad to use technology.